To Elsa

Elsa darling, as you grow you may find the world is against you. But you must understand you CANNOT let anyone ever make you feel less than amazing. You may find society has many expectations of you. Whatever you do, don’t let their expectations define you. We are raising you to become a strong, confident and unique woman and society has come up with many “rules” they think we as women should follow. F**k them. Be you. Love your body and know that YOU and only you can dictate what your body does.
As you grow, you may see many women struggling. As you grow YOU may struggle. But as women we need to uplift one another. Be kind always. You never know what battles someone may be fighting.
As you grow, you might hear someone say “like a girl.” Don’t ever let “like a girl” be anything but AMAZING. Being a girl is not anything to be ashamed of. Being a girl is SPECTACULAR.
And lastly, love yourself. Don’t ever doubt yourself, because you are #fierce.

Love Mum


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