To Miss G

You will never know how truly much I love you my girl, my precious daughter. If there is any lesson I would want to leave with you, it is to find peace with who you are and don’t look outside yourself for acceptance and love. Find it deep within yourself and treasure it always. When you love yourself like that, you will know the kind of love I will always have for you.

You are my one my only girl who I want to protect from this world. You are fast approaching becoming a young woman and even I your mother still stumble and fall and I don’t feel fully able to guide you and teach you for what is ahead.

I only hope that the unconditional love I’ve shown you and the words in which I speak of you remind you to treat others as you want to be treated. Let your kind heart lead you but not be fouled by others. I hope that you see true beauty which is not always seen in everyone’s eyes, for there is beauty where you least expect it.

Be grateful for every day, it is not a present it is a gift that should be treasured with every moment stored deep with in your heart. Take lots of photos as they are a treasure of a moment frozen in time that can never be given back even long after someone is gone and that photo can bring them back to that second in time .

Know that I will always love you even when we are fighting. It is times like this I love you more because it saddens me to see you sad and all I want to do is make you happy again .

We won’t always see eye to eye but it is in those times I know you’re my daughter because it’s is then I see myself in you, my strong, beautiful, independent girl.

The greatest of love




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