LIMITLESS – Pepper Pics for Heart Eyes Blog

Instagram opens up your world to the best in kids fashion and styling right there on your phone. It’s certainly been an incredible platform for us here at Heart Eyes Blog working with some of the best in kids fashion and at the same time spreading the message of GIRL POWER! Speaking of the best, we were off the charts excited to collaborate with the talented mother daughter duo Bonnie and Pepper on this shoot featuring our LIMITLESS tee.

Bonnie and Pepper were immediately on board when we asked them to support our brand empowering young girls though logo tees. Pepper and the styling in this shoot has our heart eyes pumping – this special girl has no limits to her amazingness!

LIMITLESS is one of our favourite designs, it sends a strong message to girls age 2 – 10 and looks perfect styled with a tutu skirt, black leather look, denim but there are no limits to styling with this tee!





Photography and styling by Bonnie Van Geel

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