To Raise Brave Girls, encourage adventure

Life comes with its enormous challenges and there are times when we have to be nothing less than BRAVE! After having 2 children, a boy 8 and a girl 4, I’ve learned that BRAVERY is not just for boys it’s also for girls. New York Times best selling Author Caroline Paul, adventure GIRL PLUS brings our attention to bravery and questions why girls should miss out on the joy of adventure? “They can jump off rocks, swing on ropes, and climb trees just as well as boys can. But girls often allow fear to stand in their way. Through Ted Talk, Caroline teaches us so beautifully that to raise brave girls we must encourage adventure and I couldn’t agree more!

Finally, when your girl is, let’s say, on her bike on the top of the steep hill that she insists she’s too scared to go down, guide her to access her bravery. Ultimately, maybe that hill really is too steep, but she’ll come to that conclusion through courage, not fear. Because this is not about the steep hill in front of her.This is about the life ahead of her and that she has the tools to handle and assess all the dangers that we cannot protect her from, all the challenges that we won’t be there to guide her through, everything that our girls here and around the world face in their future.

Gutsy Girl, The jacket art


Through her Ted Talk and SUPER book The Gutsy Girl, Caroline Paul deeply inspired me to encourage bravery within my own daughter taking a step back and allowing her to seek her own adventures more freely and take more risks in her play. I was so inspired that I decided to design and make a BRAVE t-shirt to add to our empowerment collection. BRAVERY…..a skill to encouage that’s now high on my priory list, how about you?Brave Boy Image 2Shop Caroline Paul’s super book A Gutsy Girl here and shop our BRAVE tee for kids here.

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