10 complements she’ll love that don’t include looks

Of course it’s OK to tell your daughter she looks beautiful because she is! But it’s too easy to fall into the trap of paying too much attention to her adorable looks and not her other strengths! I’m guilty, I catch myself telling her she looks pretty, cute or beautiful without balancing other complements equally all the time, so I need to be mindful.

Here are my top ten favourite complements for her:

  1. Your laugh – there’s nothing in this world quite like it!
  2. Your sense of humour – gets me every time!
  3. Your intelligence – how can someone so young be so very wise.
  4. Your kindness – I LOVE how you show kindness to animals, the environment, your friends and especially your brother, it makes me smile.
  5. Your creativity – I wished I could be as creative.
  6. Your talents – I love how you dance freely, and paint flowers and plants.
  7. Your uniqueness – there’s no one in this whole world like you YAY!
  8. Your energy – WOW
  9. Your inner strength – you are SO strong, I’m in awe of you….
  10. Your resilience – You blow me away how you bounce back after a knock, it’s not easy little one but you do it so well.

I never want my little girl to judge her own self worth based on appearances, there is so much more to her, to all of us… don’t you agree!



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