10 ways to teach her to self love

Self love doesn’t always come easy, we can always love ourselves a little more don’t you think?

I want my daughter to develop self love early. I want her to know from now and forever that she is loveable and enough and she can view herself positively in the world.

Here are my ten ways that I teach her to self love:

  1. Tell her she is loved often.
  2. Show her that you love yourself and encourage her to love herself too.
  3. Complement what she does well more than how she looks. Every time you tell her she looks beautiful match it with 2 complements unrelated to appearance.
  4. Teach her that true beauty comes from the inside of her heart not how she looks or what she wears.
  5. Talk to her and show examples of the toxic messages sent by the media in society about women’s appearance.
  6. Tell her that she’s unique and that no one in this whole wide world is like her.
  7. Help her identify and celebrate her strengths
  8. Teach her to be kind to herself. Let her know that humans are not perfect and that making mistakes is how we learn.
  9. Show her that you take care of yourself and encourage her to do the same. It could be exercising together, getting your nails done together or sharing a healthy smoothie together.
  10. If she’s in preschool up to grade 2, you can read to her I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont. It’s perfect for developing self love. I give it 5 Stars!

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