Girl Wonderful – girls ‘owning it’ through apparel

Miss P is turning five this year and I’ve started to have little conversations with her about self empowerment. We talk about her inner beauty rather than outer beauty, self love and GIRL POWER – the power to achieve anything she wants to do or be. Because I’m crazy about this topic, I wanted to share on the blog a special kind of kids fashion label called Girl Wonderful.

Girl Wonderful is an emerging lifestyle brand of empowering and conversation starting apparel, accessories and home goods for girls and women.


Behind the brand

The company was launched in 2014 by mother-daughter duo Deb Kusmec and Elizabeth Medina, and is based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The intention was to start a line of thoughtfully designed clothing for girls that very literally came with a message of empowerment.

Their GIRLtees are graphic eye catching tees promoting fields and activities not always considered traditionally female.

If she’s wearing GIRL ENGINEER, the introductory remark “Aren’t you so pretty?” might now become “Do you like math?” – Girl Wonderful




Their PERFORMANCEtutus are made from athletic fabrics that are meant to move and have the coolest names such as “Limitless Lime” and “Powerful Pink.” LOVE IT!


 All heart eyes
Empowering girls through apparel has our HEART EYES bulging with love and support. For that special little person in our life, GIRL WONDERFUL gives us a way to speak to the potential that lies within her and opportunities that lay before her.
Girl Wonderful is fashion with thought! I hope you love this brand as much as I do!
Here’s hoping that GIRL WONDERFUL finds its way to an Australian stockist soon! In the mean time you can shop them here Girl Wonderful

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